DIY: Flash Tattoos

So maybe I'm a little late on this bandwagon? Okay, make that a lot. I am one of those people who is trying to decide if I can live with a tattoo. I'm also really obsessed with wearing jewellery at every given moment. This Flash Tattoo trend is the exact mix of both of these things. Pretty perfect huh?

I've been loving having a bit of fun recreating these tattoos over the past week. I had planned this post a few weeks ago when I first saw the flash tattoos on tumblr but I wanted to get the perfect brushes and body paints that wouldn't be harmful to my extremely sensitive skin. Alas, I have found all those things and began to experiment.

 These tattoos that I spotted on tumblr were the ones I wanted to recreate the most (there were others but some of them were too extravagant for me to master!). 

 I think I did a pretty good job? Especially with the arrows on my wrist being a left-handed job! It's a miracle they came out as neat as they did. I think mastering a flash tattoo with my left hand was the biggest achievement of this whole project.

 Next, it was on to some free styling which suited me much better. I like the henna tattoos that people create on their hands so I used that as inspiration for this. As you can see, the idea of putting it on your hand was where the inspiration stopped for me! I knew I couldn't master the beautiful henna patterns I see floating around so I began to doodle a little. I was going for a paisley pattern but instead turned them into an interpretation of the Yin and Yang symbol. 

Please tell me that you can see this is an elephant haha! This idea came to me when I thought of my fellow Be Beautiful blogger Becca who wants to get three little elephants as a tattoo. I miss her loads now she's in Sweden so I paid special tribute to her in this project! 

How much are you still loving Flash Tattoos? As much as me?



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